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Walk Around Space Suits Need a space suit that you can wear to that special event? Check out Walk Around Space Suits. They made most of the space suits that you see displayed in museums.

California Spaceport The California Spaceport is a commercially operated complex using leased property on Vandenberg Air Force Base. The Spaceport provides commercial payload processing and launch alternatives to cost conscious customers with either polar or ballistic space launch programs. With superb road, rail and air access, coupled with Central California's year round moderate climate, we are the obvious choice for any polar launch campaign.

J-PassJ-Pass: Once you see a satellite pass at night, you might think it was a UFO or meteor (falling star). J-Pass was developed to help you view some of the most visible satellite passes. All you need is a browser with JAVA to see J-Pass.

Liftoff's J-Track Spacecraft TrackerLiftoff's J-Track Spacecraft Tracker: Did you know there are over eight thousand satellites orbiting Earth? Not all of them are operational, or very interesting, but tracking stations around the world follow their locations.

J-Track was created to let you track satellites from your computer. It lets you choose from a fairly large list of satellites. They get you started by selecting a few for you.

RAWHIDE Spacepages Brian Webb is the master of the RAWHIDE Spacepages which provides a schedule of upcoming launches and links to a variety of spaceflight information sources.

Space Shuttle News Reference Manual Space Shuttle News Reference Manual has comprehensive information about all aspects of the Space Transportation System.

30th Space Wing30th Space Wing: In the course of fifty-four years (1941-1995) many changes have occurred along California's picturesque Central Coast, but none has been more significant or enduring than the establishment of Camp Cooke and its successor Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Activated in 1941, Camp Cooke was a U.S. Army training center for infantry and armored troops preparing for combat duty in World War II. After the war and a short period of inactivation, the installation was called up again for the Korean War in 1950. With the end of that conflict in 1953 the camp was again shutdown.

In 1957 Camp Cooke was transferred to the Air Force and in the proceeding year renamed Vandenberg Air Force Base. The base is operated by Air Force Space Command's 30th Space Wing. Its mission at Vandenberg is to 1) conduct space launch operations, 2) conduct flight tests of the nation's intercontinental ballistic missile force, 3) operate the Western Range that provides various instrumentation support for government and commercial space, missile, and aeronautical operations, and 4) provide host base support services for the Vandenberg AFB community. Christmas cards with a lunar landing theme are available from

Extra-Vehicular Activity Models Extra-Vehicular Activity Models has models with a man in space theme.

Space Online Florida Today hosts Space Online for followers of space launch events.

 DLR - German Aerospace Research EstablishmentDLR - German Aerospace Research Establishment is the German equivalent of NASA.

NASA on Houston Chronicle Interactive provides video and audio clips of Space Shuttle operations. Audio is provided in real time during shuttle missions.

Moonport: A History of Apollo Launch Facilities and Operations Moonport: A History of Apollo Launch Facilities and Operations is an on-line version of the out of print analysis of the building and operation of the launch complex in Florida from which the U.S. undertook its Apollo lunar expeditions.

 The NASA Homepage The NASA Homepage provides access to all of NASA's internet offerings.

National Space Science Data Center National Space Science Data Center spacecraft photo gallery.

Quest: The Magazine of Spaceflight Quest: The Magazine of Spaceflight is a quarterly journal of the history of spaceflight, space shuttle mission previews, and current space events.

Books about spaceflight available from

Countdown : A History of Space Flight by T. A. Heppenheimer

Korolev : How One Man Masterminded the Soviet Drive to Beat America to the Moon by James J. Harford

Reaching for the Stars : The Illustrated History of Manned Spaceflight by Peter Bond

The Missile and Space Race by Alan J. Levine

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