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Those planning to travel to Russia may want to read a few reviews about visiting the Russian Air Force Museum at Monino and other air museums in the Moscow area or visit the Russian Air Force Museum at Monino Monino home page .

Russian Air Force Museum, Monino Doug Alberg visited Monino in July 1999. He has several galleries of his pictures from that visit.

Test Pilot team Test Pilot team members Anatoly Kvotchur and M. Tolboev demonstrate Flankers at Zhukovsky in September 1993. Photographer: Brian Lockett.

Western tourists are becoming regular visitors to Star City, the Russian Cosmonauts Training Centre.

Russian Space Forces Find out about Russian space exploration activities from the Russians at the Russian Space Forces page.

Russian Aviation Page Fans of Eastern Block aircraft should check out Alexie Gretchikine's Russian Aviation Page or the

Roy Cochrun's Russian Aircraft Resource Roy Cochrun's Russian Aircraft Resource has pictures from the the Hydro-Aviation Black Sea Expo'96, which was held in Russia September 24 to 29, 1996.

Russian Aviation Museum The Russian Aviation Museum has been put together by Alexandre Savine who has interests much like mine.

Andrew Juniper hosts the Russian Aviation Gallery where you will find a collection of profiles of some of the more modern Russian military aircraft.

Books about Russian aviation available from

Korolev : How One Man Masterminded the Soviet Drive to Beat America to the Moon by James J. Harford

Mig : Fifty Years of Secret Aircraft Design by R. A. Beliakov

Mig Aircraft Since 1937 by Bill Gunston, Yefim Gordon (Putnam Aviation Series). Soon to be released.

Okb Sukhoi : A History of the Design Bureau and Its Aircraft by Vladimir Antonov, Yefim Gordon, Mikolai Gordyukov, vladim Yakovlev, Vyachaslav Zenkin

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