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Most of the models are 1/72 scale. Those at the far right are 1/144 scale.

Model Review: Hobbycraft 1/144-scale FICON GRB-36D/RF-84K

Review of Hobbycraft 1/144-scale FICON 
GRB-36D and RF-84K Hobbycraft has released a 1/144-scale model of the FICON composite aircraft system, which was composed of a Convair GRB-36D flying aircraft carrier conversion with a Republic RF-84K Thunderflash parasite reconaissance plane. Since my article about Project FICON is being published in the Journal of the American Aviation Historical Society, I chose to build and review the kit.

Stratofortress Models:

NB-52B, Serial 52-0008, launch airplane for the X-15, circa 1960. This model was based on the picture appearing on the Edwards AFB 1960 and 1961 Airshow page. I built it from the Monogram B-52D kit just before they released the NB-52B with X-15 kit.

JB-52H, Serial 60-0006, circa 1963. This one used the ERTL B-52G (pre-EVS pods) and the rear fuselage and engine nacelles of their B-52H. Was there ever a plane that carried more Day-glo orange? Below that is B-52D, Serial 56-0684, in SEA camouflage, straight out of the Monogram box.

1/144 scale Crown model of a pre-EVS pod B-52H, Serial 60-0010 in SIOP camouflage with hound dog missiles. The Crown kit had a neat set of 1/144 scale B-52 ordnance, including the Quail, Skybolt, and AGM-86 cruise missiles.

1/144 scale Revell model of an EVS pod equipped B-52G, Serial 57-6490, in green/gray camouflage.


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Pacific Aircraft produces Handmade Models of Airplanes, Helicopters, Ships, Boats, Sail Boats and Space Shuttles.

Adam Lewis' Plane Fun web site Adam Lewis' Plane Fun web site features models he built to represent the specific airplanes flown by people that he is acquainted with.

Academy of Model Aeronautics Academy of Model Aeronautics is an organization open to anyone interested in model aviation.

The Airplane Shop The Airplane Shop is the world's most relied-upon connection for high-quality transportation collectibles.

APC Hobbies APC Hobbies. We are a discount mail-order company specializing in Plastic Scale Models. Our specialty is MILITARY, however, we can order any plastic kit in production. These guys have an excellent search engine for finding accessories for that special project.

Aviation USK Aviation Usk. We are a mail-order business specializing in military aircraft books, mags, models & all the little detailing goodies and accessories that make this such a great hobby. This is a good place to look for detail and conversion kits from obscure manufacturers.

Bare metal Foil and Hobby Company For nearly thirty years, the Bare-Metal Foil & Hobby Co. has been providing amateur and expert hobbyists with outstanding hobby products. Bare-Metal Foil is the original detailing foil used to duplicate the chrome on model cars and natural metal on model aircraft.

Bob Violett Models, Inc. the world leader in Scale R/C Jets.

Collect Aire Models Collect Aire Models is a Cottage Industry Company specializing in bringing to the discerning modeler and collector, the finest in rare, custom made unbuilt model kits of subject matter that is unlikely to be produced by other companies for a variety of reasons.

Copper State Models Copper State Models: We produce the finest quality World War One aeroplane multimedia kits & details in 1:72, 1:48, 1:32, and 1:28 scales. Our details are cast in pewter and epoxy resin, and photo-etched from nickel-silver(NiAg). We specialize in jewel-like details for the advanced modeler who only wants the best, and we are pleased to announce that we are now the sole US distributor of Martin Digmayer's wooden props, hand made in the Czech Republic.

Delta 7 Studios Delta 7 Studios are publishers of CYBERMODELS, card models that you print out and build from your own computer. Cardmodels are affordable, educational and fun. Unlike plastic models they can be rebuilt over and over again.

Delta 7 Studios Models These are paper card models that I built from files on a CD that I bought from Delta 7 Studios. They go together pretty quickly, and look very good. The CD comes with files for all six Mercury capsules, two Redstones and four Atlases.

I printed a metallic silver spot color on the Atlas parts using an ALPS MD-1300 printer.  The Mercury capsule is 1/16-scale. The files for the rockets come ready to print at 1/96-scale. I used Adobe PhotoShop to re-scale the parts of the two rockets on the left to 1/48-scale.

Eduard Eduard in the Czech Republic manufactures plastic airplane kits, photo-etched brass detail sets and pre cut canopy masks.

Extra-Vehicular Activity Models has models with a man in space theme.

Global Hobbies Global Hobbies is a national distributor of hobby products specializing in radio controlled models. We are proud to be the exclusive distributors of Global ARF Airplanes, Magnum Engines, Thunderbolt Glow Plugs, Cirrus Servos, Model Tech Airplanes, Global Radio Control Accessories, Magnum Accessories, and Pro Max Chargers.

Visit Hobby Shack; Dedicated to the real modelers . . . Those who do it for the fun of it!

HobbywebHobbyweb is an on-line hobby shop dedicated to serve the enthusiastic scale modelers. We offer an extensive selection of scale model kits from world-wide major brands, such as Tamiya, Hasegawa, Revell, Monogram, Italeri, Academy, Dragon/DML, AFV_Club, etc.

Hyper Scale on-line magazine Hyper Scale: A Virtual Magazine For Aircraft and Armour Modellers

Langleys Toys Die-Cast Airplanes Langleys Toys carries a wide variety of Armour, Corgi, and Revell die-cast airplane models.

Legacy Motors Legacy Motors has a large selection of die-cast model airplanes. They specialize in ready-to-display diecast collectible model aircraft, military tanks, military vehicles and artillery that are historically authentic and highly detailed.

Meteor ProductionsMeteor Productions has an excellent catalog search engine that allows searches by subject matter or manufacturer.

Micro MarkMicro Mark is THE mail-order source for hard-to-find tools and supplies for hobby, professional and educational model building.

Model Aces Model Aces: Creating professionally built scale model airplane replicas. Specializing in WWII military aircraft - 1/32 and 1/48 scale - our museum quality models have outstanding detail. Commissioned airplanes consider very specific construction that meets the requirements of my customers and include scale, specific markings, pilot, year, etc.

Model Plane Headquarters Model Plane HQ: categorized resource directory for everything about model planes.

MPM Czech Models MPM, Ltd distributor of Condor, SPECIAL HOBBY, COOPERATIVA and CMK armor. Mail order of plastic model kits and accessories. These folks in the Czech Republic make a remarkable variety of less well known subjects.  

New Ware

New Ware is a new producer of kits from the Czech republic. Our program is focused on:

Ninfinger Productions Page emphasizes models of X-planes and spacecraft.

Orange County IPMS Southern Californians, there is simply no better modeling club than Orange County IPMS. For a modest annual fee we offer you: A very informative monthly newsletter, Discounted admission tickets to meetings, Discounts at our supporting hobby shops.

Phoenix Model Company Phoenix Model Company: Our goal is to be the leading Internet and mail order provider of scale model kits (plastic & diecast models, vinyl and resin model kits and figures), diecast collectibles, hobby books, paint supplies, model rockets, and hobby tools and accessories. 

RAAF Amberly Scale Modeling Club. The RASMC is a small plastic scale modelling club operating from the RAAF Amberley military air base at Amberley, near Ipswich in Queensland, Australia.  The club is open to modellers of all subject interests and skill levels. 

RealSPace Models RealSpace Models: Makers of resin kits of factual spacecraft and launch vehicles. Offering high quality, accurate multimedia kits and conversions.

Step inside Revell-Monogram and discover a place where reality and imagination converge.

Rho Models Rho Models resin spacecraft kits. A full range of 1/144 scale rocket boosters.

Rosemont Hobby Shop Rosemont Hobby Shop "THE SERIOUS MODELERS HOBBY SHOP" This is a good place to find those limited production run kits. Check out their sources of World WarII stuff.

The Shop at the Space Center The Shop at the Space Center features historical and collectible items of interest to the student of space exploration.  These classic spacecraft model kits are not easily found in retail stores. Many of them are from discontinued lines.

Squadron Mail Order Squadron Mail Order offers the finest selection of Scale Models from around the world. In addition to our selection of kits you will also find a large selection of tools, paints and accessories so that your modeling projects will always have that special touch you enjoy.

Stellar Images is a studio featuring three-dimensional stained-glass models of many diffferent tpes of airplanes.


Testors Testors

Texas World Hobbies Texas World Hobbies has a large selection of discontinued kits.

Tom Tom's Aviation and Scale Model Resources

ToolsGS Professional Precision Tools ToolsGS is a premium source for the finest quality professional precision tools available for artisans, technicians, hobbyists and jewelers.

Twin City Aero Historians Twin City Aero Historians is a chapter of IPMS/USA, and of the American Aviation Historical Society.

Ken Gillespie of San Antonio hosts a page of Scratchbuilt Model Rocketry.

Book about model rockets available from

Model Rocket Design and Construction : How to Create and Build Unique and Exciting Model Rockets That Work by Timothy S. Van Milligan

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