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An excellent source of aviation info is

AeroNet - the Antelope Valley's Aerospace Resource AeroNet - the Antelope Valley's Aerospace Resource is the cyberspace resource for aerospace news and information. Here you'll find the history and resources that have supported the United States leadership in the world of aeronautics, including research projects, flight and ground test efforts, full-scale development and manufacturing, and the facilities and resources that make it all possible.


American Aviation Historical Society The American Aviation Historical Society. was founded in 1956 as a non-profit educational organization. Now you can join over 3,000 aviation enthusiasts worldwide in a common cause to share in the preservation and propagation of the rich heritage of American Aviation.

Aviation Enthusiast's Corner Aviation Enthusiast Corner has links to museums and airshow information.

DefenseLINK News DefenseLINK News contains recent Defense Public Affairs press releases and a searchable database of previous releases.

All Aviation FlightLine OnLine All Aviation FlightLine OnLine is updated as news and stories come in, check back often.

Flight Journal magazine captures the spirit, drama and evolution of winged adventure. This site offers sample articles, photos of war birds, details about the current and upcoming issues, links to other aviation sites and other information of interest to aviation history enthusiasts. Click here to get a free sample issue of the magazine. Fly-ins, and other aviation gatherings are the heart and soul of aviation. Pilots and enthusiasts love to get together and share their appreciation for all that aviation has to offer. This site is dedicated to that love of aviation, for its advancement, the enjoyment and pure fun of it all!

There is an incredible amount of aviation information Jane's available at Jane's.

LandingsLandings The Busiest Aviation Hub in Cyberspace. Aviation Enthusiasts world-wide have made Landings the best Aviation directory / infosource on-line. With its roots in the ACRO.HARVARD GA site and the 'First General Aviation Server' at NASA, Landings is your gateway to the world of on-line Aviation.

Landings: Search N-NumbersLandings: Search N-Numbers If you have the tail number, you can search the N-Numbers Database to find out what kind of airplane it is and who owns it.

Military NetworkThe mission of the Military Network is to provide a central site for the dissemination of information and services to members of the armed forces.

To establish a dynamic forum for the exchange of ideas, issues and concerns that are shared by members of the armed forces.

To create a virtual service club for members of the armed forces to meet, greet old friends and, realistically, locate lost buddies and shipmates.

Life and works of Igor I. Sikorsky Visit a site devoted to the life and works of Igor I. Sikorsky.

ZONE-5 TOP 50 Zone-5: Over the years our Photographer, David Gamez, has provided us with an ever growing collection of aviation images. So far we have over 300 aviation images. Here you will find a small, but still growing, section of Aviation sounds. In our Airshow section you will find Airshow programs and schedules of shows all over North America. Most of the images found here were taken at shows in the Southern California area.

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