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January 2, 2015: Snow on Four Peaks

Four Peaks, January 2, 2015 On New Year's Eve, a winter storm dropped snow at uncommonly low elevations. On January 2, I photographed the snow on Four Peaks and other mountains in Usery Mountain Regional Park.

January 13, 2011: Four Peaks Road Trip

Four Peaks, January 13, 2011 In late December, a winter storm dropped a load of snow on Arizona. Snow still remained on the north slopes of Four Peaks two weeks later. On January 13, I drove up the Soldier Camp Trail through Brushy Basin up to the Pigeon Spring Road on the top of the ridge and then descended down the el Oso Road into the Tonto Basin above Roosevelt Lake.

January 25, 2010: Four Peaks, Arizona

Four Peaks, January 25, 2010 After a winter storm in January 2010, I drove east out of Scottsdale to Four Peaks in the Tonto National Forest.

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