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My photographs can also be seen in other internet galleries.

I beta test for Gigapan as GoletaBrian.

I report as Moonwatcher on CNN ireport

Airliners.net A number of my best aircraft photos are displayed at Airliners.net

MyAviation.net All of the photos that I submit to Airliners.net are also submitted to MyAviation.net. Here you can see the 2/3 of my submissions that were rejected by Airliners.net.

Airfighters.com Some of my photos of military and former military aircraft are displayed at Airfighters.com

Google Earth Community I have posted a number of aviation related placemarks as GoletaBrian in the Google Earth Community. Most of them are illustrated with a picture of the airplane located at the placemark.

Panoramio.com I have posted many panoramic landscapes as GoletaBrian at Panoramio.com, which shows you where they were taken on Google Earth.

YouTube I post time-lapse movies as GoletaBrian on YouTube.

LockettBooks I market calendars and prints of my photos through the LockettBooks storefront at Lulu.com

Santa Barbara Independent The Santa Barbara Independent illustrated an on-line article about the Zaca Fire with my time lapse movies.

WarbirdRegistry.org Many of the entries at WarbirdRegistry.org are illustrated with my photos.

American Aviation Historical Society I have several photo-essays in the on-line Newsletter of the American Aviation Historical Society. Join the A.A.H.S. for access. Members also receive the Newsletter and quarterly Journal.

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